Explore Yosemite in Two Days

I have been to Yosemite twice since I moved to California. Visiting Yosemite in the summer had some downsides (temperature in the 90s), but the view made it absolutely worth the visit. We spent two whole days hiking through alpine meadows and giant sequoia groves, gazing at the spectacular half dome, north dome peaks, and... Continue Reading →

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June’18 Reading List

I am trying to revive my reading habits to atleast two books a month. It was my new years resolution to read 30 books this year. But, its been 5 months I haven't been able to keep up. So I decided that writing a monthly blog post of my reading list would be  motivating and... Continue Reading →


Super quick Dabeli

The days I am exhausted from work I prefer my dinner to be on the table within 30 minutes. But overbuy my groceries so over the weekend when I made misal pav, I had a leftover packet of pav. I don't know why I was craving for Dabeli among all the dishes I could have... Continue Reading →

Open-Faced Brownie Chocolate Mousse Sandwich

Since last year as I got into eating healthy and living a fit lifestyle, I couldn't possibly avoid or stay hungry for things that I love. I mean, you live life once. So live it to the fullest. That's why, instead of refined sugar I started incorporating dates, coconut sugar, honey, and maple syrup in the dessert recipes 🍁 😁 As Valentine’s... Continue Reading →

Ghee-roasted Carrot Crinkles

Winter in California is a combination of continual rain and kind of intense low temperatures. This is the perfect weather to eat unhealthily and gain weight 😛 Tis the season when my heart says pakode (veggie fritters), but my brain keeps saying 'Lol....No wayyyyyy!!!!' To stop this constant heart-brain argument, I decided to make/bake something... Continue Reading →

Spaghetti with Vegetable Medley

Getting out of that conventional spaghetti zone 🍝 that's always served with marinara/pesto/alfredo 😬 I present you spaghetti with vegetable medley - onions, green bell peppers, sweet corn, and mushrooms. I sautéed these veggies in avocado 🥑 oil with some salt, black pepper and oregano for 15-20 minutes on medium to high flame. I added... Continue Reading →

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