Tortilla Pinwheels with Tropical Pico de Gallo

I always love those recipes that are easy to whip up like in 30 minutes. I saw the traditional bread pinwheel recipe on “butter with a side of bread” website. I decided on making the healthier version using Tortillas and of course my all time favorite avocados. These pinwheels are vegetarian, and the spread is made with avocados, greek yogurt, cilantro, and olives. You could substitute or add your choice of vegetables. I made the filling first without any salt to let all the flavors sync in.

Here goes the recipe for this delicious appetizer.


For Pinwheels:

8-9 mission flour tortillas
1/2 cup chopped black olives
1 cup finely chopped carrots
7 oz full-fat greek yogurt
Flesh of 1 1/2 ripe avocados
3/4 cup any shredded cheese
3/4 cup chopped cilantro
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp black pepper powder
Salt to taste

For Tropical Pico de Gallo:

1 mango finely chopped
1 1/2 medium sized white onion finely chopped
1 medium sized roma tomato finely chopped
2 tbsp finely chopped cilantro
Salt to taste


*To prepare the filling, take a large bowl and mash avocados with a spoon. Once mashed, add yogurt, olives, cheese, cilantro, lemon juice and black pepper. Stir the ingredients until well combined. Do not add salt yet.

*To prepare the tropical Pico de Gallo, in a large bowl mix mango chunks, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and salt to taste. Pico de Gallo is ready. Refrigerate it until needed.

*Heat a flat pan over medium flame. Cook the tortillas for 5-8 seconds on both sides, and keep it aside. Do not overcook it if you want them to remain soft.

*Give a little taste test to the filling, and add salt accordingly. Now, take each tortilla and spread around 1 1/4 tbsp filling over 8-9 tortillas and roll it up tightly.

*You can make it a couple of hours before you actually serve it and refrigerate it covered with cling wrap. When you serve, use a sharp serrated knife to cut into 1-inch discs. Much on the ends because it will be delicious, trust me! Garnish with cilantro.



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