Quarantined and working from home 🏡 ? Confused what to cook with the too many beans you shopped from grocery store? Here is one crazzzzyyy and easy alternative – Veggie-Loaded Quesadilla. Takes 15 minutes and lunch/dinner is ready in no time 🤩



Recipe below – Serves 1


1 flour burrito tortilla
4-5 tbsps canned kidney beans
3-5 pieces of green bell pepper (long julienne strips)
1 fistful of baby spinach
6 tbsps of Mexican cheese 🧀

1. Heat the tava(griddle) on a medium flame.
2. Warm up the tortilla on both sides for 20 seconds each.
3. While the tortilla is on the griddle, sprinkle 3 tbsps cheese, kidney beans, bell pepper and spinach. Then sprinkle the remaining cheese. Fold over the empty side of tortilla to enclose the fillings.
4. Cook on both sides until the cheese melts flipping carefully.
5. Immediately remove from the skillet and transfer to a chopping board. Let it cool for a minute and use a pizza cutter to slice the quesadilla. I cut it in the middle to keep things simple and fast.
6. Serve promptly with guacamole/ketchup etc that you love ❤️

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