Middle Eastern cuisine has to be my next fave cuisine after Indian. Hummus, good! Bread, good! Olive Oil, Gooooooooood! 🙈 Don’t really remember where I ate manakeesh for the first time but the flavors stuck w/ me. I decided to make an instant version with Stonefire Mini Naan, store bought Palestinian Zaatar mix and CA Olive Ranch Olive Oil. Takes about 10 minutes and a perfect snack for a busy busy workday.

INGREDIENTS – (serves 1-2)

  • 1.5 tbsps Zaatar per naan
  • 2-3 tbsps olive oil per naan
  • 3 mini naan


  • We will make one manakeesh at a time – Heat the griddle on medium heat with oil. Add Zaatar and stir the spice in the oil thoroughly.
  • Now lay the naan on top of spice/oil mix and let the naan go soft and warm. The spice mix will stick to the naan and it’ll toast at the right places.
  • Flip the naan carefully so there is no spice leftover and slightly warm it up on other side. Remove from griddle and repeat same process for other 2 naan.
  • Serve warm with some Tzatziki drizzled w/ olive oil & sumac or your favorite soft cheese – my fave is goat cheese w/ truffle.
  • Bon Appetit loves 🎉

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Have you tried this yet? Any questions?