About Me

Welcome to The Palate Trails, a place where I talk about food, stories of how I learned them and still treasure them. I never thought that I’d be so passionate about food and cooking like my mommy, and BTW this blog is a tribute to her. Wherever she was she constantly improvised on her tips to make the food on our plate delectable.

I am from Mumbai, India. Project Manager by profession and a foodie at heart. I think cooking calms me. That’s why it has become more of a passion than a hobby for me.

All the pictures are my own. You are welcome to use the pictures, recipes, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media, but please give the credit to my blog by linking it back here. Thank you for visiting my page. You can’t believe how much it means to me. Let’s keep in touch.

Email – thepalatetrails@gmail.com
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