Non-sticky Sabudana Khichdi (Tapioca Pearl Pilaf)

If you grew up in Maharastra, poha (flattened rice), sabudana (white tapioca pearls), and upma (savory semolina) are few of the staples in a household. Although, sabudana wasn't made that often in my house. It was only made especially when my mom would fast on an auspicious day. She would make this with lots of peanuts,... Continue Reading →


Super quick Dabeli

The days I am exhausted from work I prefer my dinner to be on the table within 30 minutes. But overbuy my groceries so over the weekend when I made misal pav, I had a leftover packet of pav. I don't know why I was craving for Dabeli among all the dishes I could have... Continue Reading →

Spaghetti with Vegetable Medley

Getting out of that conventional spaghetti zone 🍝 that's always served with marinara/pesto/alfredo 😬 I present you spaghetti with vegetable medley - onions, green bell peppers, sweet corn, and mushrooms. I sautéed these veggies in avocado 🥑 oil with some salt, black pepper and oregano for 15-20 minutes on medium to high flame. I added... Continue Reading →

Mushroom Pulao

Mushroom pulao with shredded carrots and yogurt was our very comforting #saturdaylunch. I strongly believe that you can't rush the process of pulao making. It needs all the focus, right ingredients, and that love 😍🎉 It just takes 30-minutes to get ready. Here goes the super simple recipe: Ingredients: Serves 4 1 medium sized diced onions 2... Continue Reading →

Paneer Tava Masala Medley

All my favorite things for this quick 20-minute weekday dinner - cottage cheese, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and curry leaves. One thing that might surprise you is using curry leaves in a paneer dish. But trust me, it goes really well with paneer and all the seeds. And, that's why I call it a medley.... Continue Reading →

Paneer Tikka Tacos

This week has been great so far. I was in NYC for three back-to-back incredible days and it was awesome ignoring the weather part. At work, I got a chance to quaff down the delicious Entrees and Hors d'oeuvre. But along with the winter season, I terribly missed these Paneer Tikka Tacos. I kinda feel... Continue Reading →

Chickpea-Kale Linguine

This is like the ideal 30-minute weekday dinner. Starting this Monday I am working from our San Francisco office. And when I reach home, I feel so lethargic to even step in the kitchen let alone start cooking. After going over a few easy available alternatives to whip a quick meal I found this healthy... Continue Reading →

M’zanaleh (Maza Naa Leh)

People have mood swings, but I say, I have something called ‘Mediterranean Food swings’. It can be anything. When I wake up my craving starts from Hummus to Shawarma to some Eggplant dish. Over the weekends, While I patiently decide what I want to cook, I didn’t realize I had all the right ingredients to... Continue Reading →

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