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I love trying out different coffee flavors but with REAL ingredients. I love pistachios and I love coffee so I thought lets see what its like if we combine both. I personally loved it but your preferences might be different. Sharing the recipe below if you’d like to try it. I also made an IG … Read More


I love easy recipes. And if its Friday – I’d rather binge watch my fave tv show with a cocktail than cook elaborate meals 🙈 When Sach Foods requested me create some recipes for them – this one hit me instantly. Under 30 minutes (including prep time) and Friday is all set. I also made … Read More


Middle Eastern cuisine has to be my next fave cuisine after Indian. Hummus, good! Bread, good! Olive Oil, Gooooooooood! 🙈 Don’t really remember where I ate manakeesh for the first time but the flavors stuck w/ me. I decided to make an instant version with Stonefire Mini Naan, store bought Palestinian Zaatar mix and CA … Read More

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