SuperBowl LI – New England Patriots

For a crazy ‘Tom Brady’ fan <3 <3 like me, it was kind of an untold or an unestablished truth that I was rooting for New England Patriots. And in spite of them not being able to score until the 3rd Quarter or almost to its end, I still voted for him to be the ‘Superbowl MVP’. Well, now you see how much of an aficionado I am about Brady!  😀

We did a Superbowl squad party at my place with a boatload of appetizers including grilled Hariyali (Green) Cottage cheese, Hasselback Potatoes, and Pull-Apart Garlic Bread. In between all the cheering for the Patriots, I totally forgot to click the pictures of the appetizers except for the bread. Instead of getting a couple of huge loaves of sourdough bread, I bought 3  tiny ones to feed a batch of eight people. You will find tons of great recipes online. Make it at home because it’s delicious. I am sure you’ll like it!


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