Khus-khus ka Halwa (Poppy Seeds Pudding)

When winter arrives, I only crave for warm, ghee-laden, and splendid halwa (#pudding). It's a staple in my house for winter breakfasts, and the best part is that this halwa recipe is sugar-free. Piled with fat and nuts, it keeps you full for 3-4 hours. This might be easiest halwa recipe on the planet. You... Continue Reading →


Summer Cherry Galette

I had cups of cherries from the farmers market, and after seeing tons of scrumptious pictures of Galettes on my IG feed, my heart was set on it. While California has been so hot, I did not want to spend an extra minute standing in the kitchen and bake. So I decided to go ahead... Continue Reading →

Vegan-Paleo Chocolate Truffles

Today, after a really hectic day at work I was just not in the mood to do anything. And Cooking or baking is the only thing that can cheer me up. I made these Vegan-Paleo Chocolate Truffles in a jiffy without even giving a second thought on ingredients I was using. These were an instant... Continue Reading →

Orange-Chocolate Tart cups

It's almost weekend. For most people, it is the regular weekend. But for me, it's special because it's birthday weekend! Yay! 🎉I love being a part-time food blogger, LOL 😂  It sounds weird because I already have a full-time job. But I endear and enjoy every moment of cooking and sharing what I put on... Continue Reading →

Happy Christmas Eve!

Well, see the timing of low-calorie Tiramisu. It's Christmas eve morning, and I am thinking we should have a dessert for lunch. I mean, common its holiday, and unending cheat meals are allowed. But, if you are working out and trying to stay in shape you think how can I modify a heavenly dessert to... Continue Reading →

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