Non-sticky Sabudana Khichdi (Tapioca Pearl Pilaf)

If you grew up in Maharastra, poha (flattened rice), sabudana (white tapioca pearls), and upma (savory semolina) are few of the staples in a household. Although, sabudana wasn't made that often in my house. It was only made especially when my mom would fast on an auspicious day. She would make this with lots of peanuts,... Continue Reading →


Super quick Dabeli

The days I am exhausted from work I prefer my dinner to be on the table within 30 minutes. But overbuy my groceries so over the weekend when I made misal pav, I had a leftover packet of pav. I don't know why I was craving for Dabeli among all the dishes I could have... Continue Reading →

Quick Surti Locho

Happy Monday. Celebrate breakfast on Thanksgiving in style. Assuming you all will have a heavy meal during lunch. I think this is the best light breakfast you can opt for. Chaat for breakfast? Not exactly but an improvised ‘Surti Locho.’ It reflects the specialty of Surat, a city in Gujarat ❤️ Its the most famous... Continue Reading →

Hariyali (Green) Paneer Tikka

I just love my food when its green, and among those 'Hariyali Paneer Tikka' is my absolute favorite. In Hindi, Hariyali means 'greenery.' And, that's why my friends this luscious & succulent paneer tikka makes me drool every time I make it. Making paneer tikka in the oven at home is a serious and concentrated business,... Continue Reading →

Chaas or Savory Buttermilk

Chaas aka Savory Buttermilk is all I need in this hot weather. Since childhood, my mom made it especially, during summers. She used to keep saying that it cools the body and improves digestion. I love it! 🤣 In fact, I love all milk derivatives 💞 Here goes the recipe: Ingredients: Serves 1 7oz full-fat... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day

Today I was in a mood to eat appetizer i.e., Cheese Poppy for lunch. I remember, when I was a kid we used to live in a neighborhood surrounded by a flock of close friends and relatives. They usually used to drop by unannounced on weekends, which was good in terms of catching up with... Continue Reading →

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