Non-sticky Sabudana Khichdi (Tapioca Pearl Pilaf)

If you grew up in Maharastra, poha (flattened rice), sabudana (white tapioca pearls), and upma (savory semolina) are few of the staples in a household. Although, sabudana wasn't made that often in my house. It was only made especially when my mom would fast on an auspicious day. She would make this with lots of peanuts,... Continue Reading →


Khus-khus ka Halwa (Poppy Seeds Pudding)

When winter arrives, I only crave for warm, ghee-laden, and splendid halwa (#pudding). It's a staple in my house for winter breakfasts, and the best part is that this halwa recipe is sugar-free. Piled with fat and nuts, it keeps you full for 3-4 hours. This might be easiest halwa recipe on the planet. You... Continue Reading →

Gujarati Kadhi

Gujrati Kadhi was inseparable from our Sunday lunches. My mom always made it spicy with a dash of sweetness. She thickened the yogurt mixture with the chickpea flour (also called gram flour). And the onion pakoras/fritters she made with that was just perfection on a hot sunny afternoon in Mumbai. I tried to enhance this... Continue Reading →

Chaas or Savory Buttermilk

Chaas aka Savory Buttermilk is all I need in this hot weather. Since childhood, my mom made it especially, during summers. She used to keep saying that it cools the body and improves digestion. I love it! 🤣 In fact, I love all milk derivatives 💞 Here goes the recipe: Ingredients: Serves 1 7oz full-fat... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Korma

I haven't been cooking lately because of work commitments. But slowly I am trying to incorporate all my hobbies in between work 😂 Lol! I made this super easy, Dhaba-style vegetable korma with the veggies in my refrigerator. Quick one-pot meal ideal for weeknights' dinner. Serve it with hot chapatis (whole wheat flatbreads) or steamed... Continue Reading →

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